This page displays a wide array of interesting weblinks for the eager student of English, the keen English language enthusiast and the self-assured Anglophile. You can check the latest international breaking news, indulge yourself endlessly in the rich beauty of the English literary heritage or even plan your next holiday in the UK. You will find numerous links to entertaining language games, grammar exercises and comprehensive grammatical overviews. At the same time you will find that this page serves the purpose of resource for anyone who wants to search the web for words, trustworthy resources for papers or essays and daunting language facts. Feel free to contact the webmaster with suggestions, remarks and additions.

The teachers of English

With suggestions by Jean-Paul Vanden Abeele, Raymond Lievyn, Johan Peeters, Martijn Sermeus and Jan Van Dycke.




  • Encyclopaedia Britannica: Probably the best encyclopaedia in the world.
  • Google Art: Want to enjoy to Constable and Turner in high definition? Fancy to get up close to Botticelli's Venus? Browse thousands of fine pieces of art using the Google Art Project.
  • Public Record Office: British Archives with education and learning sections.
  • Quote Land: Find and identify quotes. 


  • Alquin: Educational magazine for the student of English in the Low Countries. Frequently used in the 5th and the 6th year at HHC.
  • Learn English for Teens by the British Council A great website for teenagers eager to up their game and improve their English. This attractive and entertaining website is filled to the brim with interesting articles and interview, hands-on grammar and fun games that will help you to practice your English skills.
  • BBC Learning English: Great educational website by the BBC World Service. Great resources for learners of English with an interesting focus an current affairs.
  • Learn English.be:Very good website to practice and revise your grammar.
  • Wordsmith: Learn a new word a day, every day.
  • Speeches: Website that provides you with all of the tools you need to write a speech.
  • A collection of grammar lessons and tests: Good overview with comprehensive grammar exercises. For students in all levels.
  • Self-Study Quizzes: Another excellent collection of grammar and vocabulary quizzes.
  • Learn to write Better English at Home: What's in a name? Complete set of lessons with interesting tips and tricks on how to improve your writing in English.
  • Another great collection for the study of English:Practice grammar, vocabulary and all the different English language skills online.
  • English exercises: Another collection of great resources for the study and practice of both grammar and vocabulary. Also focuses on collocations. Great hangman game included. Looking for English proverbs or sayings? Try The Phrase Finder
  • How you say If you want to know how to pronounce a specific word? No matter how rare it is, this website will tell you.
  • Flocabulary provides you with cool educational hip hop. It's funny, funky and fantastic. Want to know how to form adverbs with a rhyme you will never ever forget? Just go with the flow!





  • Rolling Stone: Music, entertainment, and political insight from Rolling Stone Magazine.
  • National Geographic: Delivering intriguing reports from all over the world, accompanied by stunnig photographs.
  • Time: Political and economical analysis from the US.
  • Flanders Today: International magazine published in English, in Brussels. 




  • Waterstones: Major English bookstore in Brussels. You can also order books online.
  • Stonemanor: Buy typical English products in this lovely British store in Everberg. 


  • Literature.org: A great resource for e-books. Read and reread the classics!
  • Shakespeare: the Originals: Read the original works by the one and only Shakespeare.
  • Graham Greene: Comprehensive and rather complete website on the life and work of celebrated British author Graham Greene.
  • Spark Notes: Interesting website offering analysis and insight into many well-known works of literature. 


  • Anglo: for Anglophiles.
  • Travel Guide to the British Isles.
  • The National Trust: Website of the Great British institute safeguarding the nation's heritage. Great site, great trust!
  • The official online guide to England: Plan your next trip to the Great British Isles.
  • English Language FAQ: Great blog with interesting updates on the world of the great English language, with history, linguistic and facts from the news.
  • Britain Explorer guides you through the UK, helping you to discover the history of the British Isles, the intriguing (eating) habits of the Britons and much, much more.